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A Powerful Customer Retention Tool For Online Retailers

Email continues to provide a high-leverage way to encourage repeat purchases, making your ecommerce business less dependant on the sometimes unreliable flow of new customers. Email marketing helps you build your brand and get better customers who spend more money with you.

5 Automated Email Campaigns That Win Customers
and Keep Them Coming Back

Abandoned cart email series

Maximize the effectiveness of your brand campaigns and messaging through abandoned cart email series which reminds shoppers what they left behind.

Welcome email series

Welcome new subscribers and offer incentives to buy your products. Introduce users to your brand by providing them a story and showcasing what your brand is all about

Repeat Purchase nurture series

Prevent customer churn using machine learning! This flow uses a customer's predicted date of next purchase to send a well-timed nurture series encouraging them to buy again.

Ecommerce email receipts

Optimize your email receipts by adding offers your customers will not be able to resist. We add extra features such as product recommendations and offers to drive more conversions through email reciepts.

Our products

Re-engagement email series

Reengage your customers with a win back email series designed to spark immediate interest through an amazing offer, meaningful discount or even a personalized product recommendation.

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